Well, it’s been a busy week, folks!

This morning I taped an interview for the radio show Tapestry, an arts and culture program on WBHM public radio. It was a cool experience, getting to talk about myself and the new album at length blah blah blah, and everybody was very nice. You can learn more about Tapestry and WBHM here. I’m not sure when it will air, possibly in August, so literally stay tuned and I’ll keep you up on things.

I also got confirmation this week that I’ll be performing at the very first BAAM! Fest (Birmingham Arts and Music Festival), also in August. Not sure which exact date or time I’ll be playing, but it will be a 45-min set. The festival dates are Aug 20-22, and will be held across a number of venues all over Birmingham, Alabama. What’s really cool is the organizers will also be streaming our performances across the web LIVE to venues in Europe. C’est internationnale! Info and tickets for BAAM! Fest can be acquired here.

In other news, I have an actual RELEASE DATE confirmed for my long-talked-about-when’s-it-gonna-come-out debut album, Love In The Age Of Circuitry. And that date is… AUGUST 17th!

You’ll be able to buy the old-skool physical CD (who does that anymore?) at my shows and also at CDBaby.com, plus new-fangled digital downloads of the album and individual tracks will be available through iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and all the other usual outlets for such things. I’ll probably give a couple of tracks away for FREE RIGHT HERE ON THIS WEBSITE. So, why not join the mailing list to get yourself a comfy spot in the know?

Whew! I’m tired, time to plug my battery in for a recharge…

Until next time,