I’m pleased to announce that at long last, Love In The Age Of Circuitry has been released into the wild. Seven tracks worth of toil and trouble, and now it’s yours to enjoy, share, lambast, what have you.

I’ve dreamed about this day since I was 13 and first started playing guitar. My first album, after so many years of wondering whether it was even possible. And now that it’s a finally happened, I’m not sure what to say. All I know is, it’s a momentous first step. Now the real work begins…

Y’know, instead of reading this, why not head on over and check it out?

Still here? Okay, I guess I’ll say a few things ABOUT the album.

It’s a concept album, sort of, in that all the songs all a certain theme – that being one of misplaced humanity in a world that’s becoming less and less natural. I don’t think I hit anyone over the head with the idea, but it’s in there if you listen closely. “Parade Of Giant Robots” may be loopy and fun, but it’s also about looking to technology as a savior, and having it turn on you. “Time Crush” and “Alien” are very emotional songs put into a sci-fi context, which is weird in it’s own way. I also feel like the album ties together musically, although the songs are very different from each other.

If I had to pick one thing out I really want you to hear, it’s probably¬† “Rundown Carnival Of Love”. There’s a little surprise in there I think you’ll like. I also think “Falling Up” is worth a listen, if only for the bass solo at the end.

Well I’d better shut up before I say too much. I encourage you to give it a listen. You can stream the whole thing before you buy it, which seems fair. I really can’t wait to hear what you think.

– AS