Just in time for… whatever, Andy Spain has released a new single, “Unemployed God”, which explores issues of faith, doubt, and mythos through the experiences of a god questioning his own motives, relationships and purpose.

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Here’s what Andy has to say about “Unemployed God”:

“Being a Southerner, to question God is still pretty subversive. Religion, especially Christianity, is infused in every part of our culture.

But I’ve always had questions and, as an artist, I must ask them. Art is about seeking the truth, and being willing to explore uncomfortable issues.

This song represents my own personal struggle with the idea of God, but also reflects much of what I’ve been dealing with lately on a personal level – purpose, self-doubt, the nature of reality. In a way, I channeled those anxieties through God himself, at least as he exists in the song.

Is it blasphemy? I don’t think so. The song itself can be interpreted a number of different ways. I hope each listener will have their own personal experience.

Musically and artistically, this song represents a very raw approach. I wanted to get away from what I felt about my process was becoming overly contrived in the futile quest for perfection.

The bones of the song came to me as I was waking up one morning, so I wrote the lyrics and music very quickly right away. Then immediately I recorded the electric piano while I sang in a single take. The other parts came soon after. I wanted to capture the immediacy of inspiration, and keep the rawness of the moment.

The end result is imperfect, but I think it’s beautiful. Because it’s true.”