Something’s Burning in this Cooking Video

Seen the “Tikky Tikky Time Bomb” video yet? Here ya go.

We created this as a parody of cooking videos. You know the ones — top-down shot, beautifully pretentious pocket symphonies to food preparation that proliferate social media. If you’ve never seen one, here’s an example (and where have you been hiding?).

As you can see from the still above, our video is a little different. More destructive, more metaphorical, more um, less comfortable with society. There are swipes at consumerism, anti-intellectualism, militarism, and a whole pantry full of other isms I’ll let you work out for yourself.

So, be a good little soldier and stop reading. Start watching!

(And if you’re freaked out/moved/terrified enough, please share this little monstrosity with your hungry friends. Thanks in advance.)