Something’s Burning in this Cooking Video

Seen the “Tikky Tikky Time Bomb” video yet? Here ya go.

We created this as a parody of cooking videos. You know the ones — top-down shot, beautifully pretentious pocket symphonies to food preparation that proliferate social media. If you’ve never seen one, here’s an example (and where have you been hiding?).

As you can see from the still above, our video is a little different. More destructive, more metaphorical, more um, less comfortable with society. There are swipes at consumerism, anti-intellectualism, militarism, and a whole pantry full of other isms I’ll let you work out for yourself.

So, be a good little soldier and stop reading. Start watching!

(And if you’re freaked out/moved/terrified enough, please share this little monstrosity with your hungry friends. Thanks in advance.)

“Tikky Tikky Time Bomb” – New Song, New Sound

As promised, my new song, “Tikky Tikky Time Bomb” is now available for download. As you may notice, it’s quite a departure from the folk-rock style of my previous releases. That said, I’m really proud of how it turned out and what it represents for me artistically.

Sometime last year, I was in the middle of making an album with my band, Lost Astronaut, and life got in the way. The album got put on hold, and during that time I started feeling pulled in a new direction. Looking for ways to carry on solo, but with a bigger sound, I began experimenting with sequencers, synths and ways to control synths with my guitar and a bank of foot pedals.

All this lead me to get really involved in electronic music, so when I went back to record something, I wanted to bring that new sound with me. The result is what you hear in my new single.

The song is inspired heavily by the state of constant turmoil the world finds itself in these days. I needed a way to express my anxiety, which is probably your anxiety too. When I wrote the song in February, David Bowie had just died so I was still very moved by that. I believe his spirit inspired me to be more adventurous, and to immerse myself in his Berlin trilogy, which I highly recommend.

There’s also a video, which parodies the popular overhead-shot cooking video trend, but with a dark twist.

Well, enough talk for now. Head on over and check ‘er out. Then drop me a line and tell me what you think.

Love and safety,

New Single Coming This Week

After a long period spent exploring new musical styles and inspirations, Andy is finally ready to release his first new music since last year’s “Outrage” (not counting the Christmas single).

The song will be accompanied by a music video which parodies a popular online video trend, and turns it around in shocking ways.

This new song is the first in a string of new material to be released throughout the rest of 2016. Breaking from the traditional album structure, each song will be released as a single, with a possible compilation to come later.

Watch this space. Maintain a high alertness level.