Love in the Age of Circuitry, by Andy Spain

Love in the Age of Circuitry

Release Date : August 17, 2010
Label : Sci-Folk Recordings

Love In The Age Of Circuitry, the debut album from singer/songwriter Andy Spain, explores humanity’s place in an increasingly synthetic world. Through songs about robots, heartbreak and modern life, Andy crafts a unique style that merges past and future, old and new, folk and the avant garde.

Inspired by luminaries such as John Lennon, Neil Young, David Bowie and Frank Zappa, Andy’s style is centered around insightful lyrics laced with cynical wit, infectious melodies and a psychedelic sound palette. In the tradition of Trent Reznor and Prince, Andy Spain not only wrote all the songs on Love In The Age Of Circuitry, he engineered it and played all the instruments. It is truly a singular artistic statement.