Hello sci-folk! Ready for a long overdue update? Well, wait no longer…

Work continues on my first EP, Love In The Age Of Circuitry, which I’m hoping will be out before Christmas. Right now I’m tweaking mixes and “fixing stuff” on 4 of the 5 tracks. That elusive 5th track will be recorded next week, all things as planned. I’m also shopping around for a mastering engineer to “put the eyebrows” on.

I’m really excited. I get the jitters more and more as it gets closer to completion. I hope you will like it.

Along with all that, I’m about to start working on artwork for the EP. I’ve got a few ideas kicking around, so we’ll see what happens. I’m planning to let you, the casual fan, have a say in the final product. Stay tuned for details in the next week or so.

A week ago last Friday, I got to play an unplanned mini-set at Little Willie’s in Tuscaloosa, as the guest of reggae giants Down Loa. The band called me up after their first set, and I played four songs while they took a break. Thanks guys!