When we last left our hero (ahem, me), he was babbling some nonsense about an EP that would be released by early February. What a liar he turned out to be!

So, let’s focus on some other things…

I had a birthday, as if I need anything besides a new gray hair to tell me how old I am.

I still have not seen Avatar. I never saw Titanic, either. I loved The Abyss, so it’s nothing against James Cameron. I just can’t stand that much hype.

I have finished designing the artwork for the forthcoming album/EP, Love In The Age Of Circuitry. There are two designs and I will put it to you, the unwashed masses, to pick your favorite. Stay tuned for more details.

I haven’t played anywhere since December. ‘Bout to change that tho’…

So then, what about this EP…?

The EP has grown, and may end up a full-length before it’s all over. A new song found its way on back in January, and some folk are pushing me to reconsider cutting another one. That would make seven. I have an eighth up my sleeve too, but part of me is saying “just finish it already!!!

Right now, I’m collecting feedback from some reliable test subjects and making what I hope will be my final tweaks. Things would go much faster if it weren’t for the need to eat and keep the lights on. At this point, I’m going to avoid putting a release date on things. Let’s just say I hope it comes out soon, and that it comes out awesome.

Thank you for your rapt attention,