Um, I just released a new EP. It’s called Fall Festival, it’s three songs and it’s available now! So quit reading this and head on over to my music store and check it out…

Okay, so you want to know something about it first. Understandable, that. Well, like I said it’s got three songs, two of them completely new and one is a new version of “Rundown Carnival Of Love”, which was first heard on Love In The Age Of Circuitry, but since I play it so differently live I thought it would be nice to record it that way.

The other two songs, “Melancholy Summer” and “Loner October” are both new, and I hope you’ll like them as much as you did the last album. “Melancholy Summer” is a wistful little ditty about the passing of seasons, time and innocence, while “Loner October” is a sorta somber tune that explains how to everything there is a season (turn, turn), even loneliness.

I’m really proud of the new release. I think the performances and recordings are some of my best and I hope this little 13-minute nugget will make an impression on you all that lasts until the next album comes out (hopefully in about a year from now).

Convinced? Good, now go get a copy of Fall Festival and hear for yourself!