So, as previously mentioned, I went in and recorded the final track for my upcoming EP, Love In The Age Of Circuitry, a couple of weeks ago. The good news is, it turned out great, and I really look forward to you hearing it.

The bad news is, it won’t be on the EP.

What, you say? It’s true. After it was recorded and mixed, it just didn’t seem to jive with the rest of the songs, so it will be held for a future project, or maybe I’ll release it as a single.

So, back to the drawing board…

After careful consideration (drawing from a coffee cup), I have a good replacement which I think fits really well and makes the album stronger. It’s also a very new composition, written since this task was begun. I recorded it last week, but wasn’t really happy with it so I started the process of re-recording it this weekend with much better results. Ahh, the lengths I go to…

Where are we now? Well, I really wanted a Nov. 30 release date, but it’s looking more like Dec. 21, which is the Winter Solstice. Nice.

UPDATE 12/31: Well, the album needed more work and it just didn’t make sense to release the LAST album of 2009 when it could be one of the first of 2010 and a new decade, so I have postponed the release until late January or early February. Sorry for the delay but I think you’ll thank me later.

Stay tuned for my album artwork selection election, where you get to vote on your pick for the album cover. I’ll be giving away free digital copies of Love In The Age Of Circuitry to participants. That’s worth a few clicks, eh?

In other news, if you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area on Dec. 2, you can see me perform at the Bottletree as part of an open mic showcase. Bottletree hosts some of the most talented acts on the indie and underground rock circuit, and is where the live music show We Have Signal is filmed for Public Television.